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Inca Timber Wax

Timber wax is a silicone free, hard wearing base wax that gives you all the benefits necessary for superior results. It has been developed in a manner to have an easy flow system of application that takes the hard work out of applying and an easy gliding action for buffing up.

Timber Wax is essential to the survival of timber surfaces. The wax acts a protection against the occasional spill and accidents and becomes a filter for moisture entering the timber and controls the release of it. It completely prevents drying out of the surface. The wax, being natural oil, is then drawn into the timber thereby helping to replace its own oil which has dried out over time. Waxing helps to prevent cracking, splitting and lets the timber surface mature and age naturally.

Master Craftsman's comments
Simply take a soft cotton cloth and a small amount of paste wax , rub the timber surface in a circular motion to work the wax into the grain and finish with the length of the grain.
Remember to use the flat of your fingers when polishing not, the fingertips, as this will create uneven pressure points and an uneven finish.
After you have worked the paste wax into the surface, leave to dry. This will vary depending on room temperature. The best way to test if surface has dried is to rub your finger tip across the surface and it will make a slight squeaking sound.
Take another wax free soft cotton cloth and buff in a circular motion across the grain finishing with the length of the grain. More vigorous rubbing will generate more heat which creates more shine (lustre or patina.) Handy Hints:
  • Keep polishing cloths in an airtight plastic bag
  • To re use; boil used cloths in water to remove old wax then hang out to dry
  • Two thin coats are better than one thick one
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AU$17 (GST Inclusive)
Silicone free and hard wearing base
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